Saturday, 13 September 2014

Neatly organized: A day in the life of a flat lay enthusiast

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  I love a good flat lay: a fashion phenomenon inspired by magazine editorials and spread by Instagram. Some of my favorites in the art of flat lay are Emily, Margaret and this newly found gem. I attempted to show a girl's day through a neat display of things she wear and uses. Every set mirrors the colors of the moment: pastel for the morning hours, bright and cheerful day, burning sunset evening and hypnotically dark night. The sets also feature many of my beauty and home essentials :)

  Flat lay - очаровательный способ фотографии предметов или целых образов, крайне популярный среди пользователей инстаграма. Вот несколько вдохновляющих подборок по теме: Эмили, Маргарет и еще один отличный профиль. В этой съемке каждый кадр вдохновлен временем суток: нежное утро, яркий день, пылающий закатом вечер и темная ночь. Получается набор образов и разных бесполезных мелочей, без которых жизнь не представляется возможной :)

yellow, green, flat lay, outfit, essie, biterussia, zara, skirt, topshop, blogger
fashion, style, outfit, colors, sunset, sport, nike, sneakers
dark blue, wine, romantic, flat lay, underwear, oreo, love poems

Idea & style Yana Pospelova
Photos and editing by Oleg Sharonov

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Fashionably Russian: a fairy tale editorial

russian fairy tale, муха цокотуха, чуковский, metallic, fashion, editorial, vogue
  Here's a story: a simple girl finds herself in possession of a capital, which prompts her to host lavish parties, inviting everyone who's anyone. She plunges eagerly into a life full of dancing, expensive gifts and deceptively charming smiles. Yet in a time of hardship none of her social butterfly friends offers a helping hand. When the girl is ready to give up hope she is rescued by a fearless young man. He is not a partygoer, but has a keen and noble heart. Naturally, the girls frenemies gladly accept wedding invitations.

  Одно из моих любимых стихотворений Чуковского - классическая "дева в беде" - Муха Цокотуха. На эту съемку по сюжету произведения нас вдохновили текстуры и цвета мира насекомых. А какая сказка была Вашей любимой в детстве?

tea party, dress, summer, fashion editorial, муха цокотуха

Thursday, 26 December 2013

Pastel hair

how to wear pastels for winter
winter layering 101
braided pink hair
funny sweaters for winter
baby blue beanie portrait
Rivel Island jeans, Pull & Bear sweater, Zara coat, Topshop beanie, eBay wig

Photos and editing by Oleg Sharonov
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Monday, 16 December 2013

Pull & Bear blogger brunch

burberry classic trench look

  Last week RSVP agency and MEGA shopping malls invited me to a blogger brunch followed by shopping Pull & Bear's latest collection. Met a lot of nice people and bought some cozy sweaters. They also gave all of us the cutest lo-mo cameras. Thank you, RSVP and MEGA!

russian moscow bloggers
pull & bear brunch
perfume shopping yana pospelova
black & white winter outfit
looking through racks vintage shopping moscow
glowing makeup look for holidays
smiling brunette with red bag
makeup for hazel eyesplaid shirt look lace red dolce&gabbana sicily
winter look for school
Topshop sweater, jeans and boots, Dolce & Gabbana Sicily bag, Burberry trench

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